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America Is Endangered… And Stupidity Reigns Supreme

If you were a listener to our radio show which ran for five plus years, or read any of our blogs, you would know that the American public, in general, is not held in high regard.  Various and sundry “interviewers” have questioned random people on the street about things, really basic things about America, and the answers have been simply appalling in their stupidity and lack of knowledge.  For years I’ve been saying that ignorance and apathy are doing more to undermine the stability of this country than almost anything else.  The phrase “useful idiots”, supposedly Lenin’s, refers to Westerners saying good things about bad regimes. Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin used the term “polyezniy idiot” or “useful idiot” to describe sympathizers in the West who blindly supported Communist leaders…and America, through its systematic dumbing-down of school children from kindergarten all the way through college, is breeding these useful idiots by the droves.

In videotaped interviews, one can see people, and some of them are college students, willing to sign a petition to do away with the First Amendment and, in fact, the Constitution AND the Bill of Rights…because they don’t have a clue as to what is in those documents, having never been taught anything but a passing reference to them.  Some older people, and you’d think they would have more sense, go right along with these outrageous “petitions”, never giving it a second thought.  The generations coming up after mine, possibly the last real link to World War 2, will probably accept most any conditions that will exist because they don’t know any better, or different.   What, or who, captures America’s interest in this time of political turmoil?

In those same interviews, knowledge of basic American things was lacking, BUT asking those same people about sports scores, celebrity marriages or breakups, and the latest movies and the answers come quickly…and they’re accurate.   If anyone needed evidence that We The People are being subjected to a form of “sleeping sickness”, these interviews could certainly provide that evidence.   Speaking of evidence, the subject of Sharia, which is the law of Islam, came up in a few of those interviews.   Sharia is a very harsh form of “justice” which is, in fact, the very antitheses of most “Western” law.  Under Sharia punishment is extreme for what might pass for minor misdemeanors in our Western (translation: civilized) world.   Shoplifting, as an example, which in American courts is a misdemeanor and might warrant a fine, or several days in jail coupled with a method of paying back for the stolen item, under Sharia it gets a hand chopped off.

Also under the broad heading of stupidity would be the way our government negotiates with other countries…friend and foe alike.   In that regard stupidity DOES reign supreme.   Take the Iran nuclear deal as an example.  To a country that is lying to us about their reasons for building nuclear plants, and burying them under about 60 feet of concrete, we sign a treaty for them to go on doing what they’re doing.  They, on the other hand, do NOT sign the treaty.   We allow them to self-police their activities about nuclear plants and we MUST give them 24 days notice before we plan an inspection of their facilities.   On top of all that stupidity, we release billions of their dollars that we’ve had frozen in our banks because they have not been truthful or compliant in the past…and now, with this infusion of so much money, we fully expect that they WILL be truthful and compliant to a treaty that they didn’t sign.  Bringing it down to a level that most people can understand…you get a traffic ticket but refuse to pay it or show up in court.  What do you think the judge is going to do…just let you slide on that, or will the bench warrant be issued for your arrest?   It’s going to be the latter, folks, and of that you can be sure.

We are, or were, a nation of laws and for the most part, we understood them and lived by them.  Laws provide regimens that make for harmonious living, standards by which we learn to associate right from wrong.  In a lawless society, which ours is quickly becoming, due in large part, to the Executive branch of the government taking over the duties and powers of both the Judicial and Legislative branches of the government, we are placing ourselves on the path to a dictatorship.   Dictators, no matter how benign they may be, are repugnant to Americans, or should be.  A couple of centuries back we fought one of the world’s great powers in order to be our own bosses.  Now, for the most part, we have ceded our individualism and freedoms to the government.  

Wake up America…your country needs you, desperately.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired(aka The Old Alarmist);;


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Larry Usoff

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