This American Presidential Candidate Is Being Used at European Anti-Refugee Protests…And We LOVE It

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2016

Social Engineering often backfires. Mostly because the engineers don’t really understand human nature. Like Obama with his anti-gun crusade prompting a surge in gun sales, the Social Engineers behind the latest wave of humanity flooding into Europe have also created a backlash.

The very nations that once waved “Refugees Welcome” signs are well past their saturation point. Confronted with entitlement and ingratitude from so many who claimed to come as refugees fleeing a war zone, the hosts have reached a breaking point. The breathtaking disrespect for the people and property of the nations that received them only adds fuel to the fire.

The protests have now begun in Europe. An anti-Islamist group (PEGIDA) launched a multi-national day of protest. In some cases, thousands showed up. (Eight thousand in Dresden, five thousand in Prague.)

We have seen mass protests before, often burning and looting even over stupid things like which team won a playoff game. We have seen Ferguson burning, and remember the swaths of destruction that would often accompany G8 meetings.

Realizing the latest European protests in direct response to the mass rape of their daughters, the probable bankrupting of their social welfare systems, and the belligerence of people who not only refuse to assimilate but demand the locals change to suit foreign customs — what do you expect demonstrations over such volatile topics might look like?

Remember: these protesters are characterized as the worst-of-the-worst, essentially Hitler 2.0. Counter-protesters held up signs saying “Refugees Welcome — Fascists Are Not”. Governments that dare not speak a word against any misbehaviour among anyone from a Muslim background casually denounce these protestors as Islamophobic.

How bad are these Extreme-Right-Wing radicals? They came together in large numbers… thousands sometimes. They came armed with sticks. These sticks had signs attached to them… signs expressing their political dissatisfaction with the actions of their elected officials.

Some of their signs said things like “Islamists Not welcome”. Or “We will not stay silent as women are raped”. Or “Rape Culture is being imported.” One photo of the protest even caught a famous American cameo at the protests. A large placard with the Donald’s face saying “Trump is Right”.

That’s it. That was the extent of the hate and mayhem they unleashed on society. No firebombs. No looting. No broken windows.

In the official day of protest, that spanned a number of cities across Europe, there were a grand total of 20 arrests, in one location with tear gas used to disperse the crowd before things got too rowdy. In the rest, there were zero — ZERO! — incidents reported thus far.

Contrast that to the hundreds of sexual assaults charges connected with one German city on one particular night. But, of course, the protesters calling their leaders to account are the real problem.

(Yahoo News tells the rest of the story here.)

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