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Beyonce Is Popular Because The U.S. Is Filled With Low Brow Idiots

Like a lot of Americans, the Super Bowl holds some interest for me.  As for the game itself, I catch the scores the next day and that tells me just what I needed to know.

There’s always highlights shown the next day and next-day-quarterbacking as well.   This particular Super Bowl, number Fifty, had some interesting and humorous commercials, which are things that I like to watch.   So much for the niceties…now for the big question…doesn’t anyone preview these so-called artists that perform during halftime?

In the past there have been people, and I won’t call them artists or performers, that just mangled our National Anthem.   There have been so-called “wardrobe malfunctions” and dance routines that had nothing to do with class or taste.

Such a routine was performed during this 50th Super Bowl by Beyoncé and her troupe.  It was as if a troop of the Gestapo had marched on stage and began dancing…and could that have been called dancing, by any stretch of the imagination?  It was militaristic, menacing and as it applied to American traditions, meaningless.   She brought out all the worst of things, referencing several ridiculous messages that the black community uses.  It was, I believe, as hate-filled a message as anyone could deliver without being labeled an out-and-out evil person…and yes, there are evil people in the world.

People that don’t respect American traditions may not be evil in themselves, but they probably are fronting organizations, or other people, that are.   Someone that comes to this country of their own free will, is given everything that they need, without being asked to pay for it, and then turns around and murders, or tries to murder innocent Americans, is evil in my book.  Americans are traditionally generous people, but some of the so-called refugees are not.  They come here and want us to change our entire culture so that they can feel they’re in a more home-like atmosphere.   Just out of curiosity…have you seen their home-like atmospheres?

The so-called refugees being imported into this country now bear little or no resemblance to the displaced persons or “DP’s” of World War Two.   Those people really wanted to come here because their home country had been devastated by the war, and they wanted to have a shot at the American Dream.   What is being brought in now are mostly males of working age, and among them are terrorists, and nobody will ever convince me that we can vet these people sufficiently so that we know who’s who.   We are, in effect, bringing in our own killers.  How’s that for Stupidity 101?   They have no plans to assimilate, but rather to pull in as much freebies as possible and, in some cases, will turn on their benefactors and kill them.

Fairness is an American tradition, and that doesn’t mean “paying your fair share” because that’s a lot of bunk.  The present tax system is UN-fair to people that make good, as it taxes them more and, in my not-so-humble opinion, kills incentive to do better financially.  Fairness, legally speaking, means that the law is the law and everyone is subject to it, there are no exceptions and that SHOULD include the US Congress, the President and all of the members of the administration.   No one should be above the law in this country…that’s fairness.  

There is a plan, called THE FAIR TAX, which is the best thing I’ve ever seen on the subject.  As originally written, the bill was 135 pages long, in everyday language and covered everybody.   Why it was never adopted is beyond me.   Way back in June of 1933, Clifford Berryman drew a political cartoon showing a decision to be made about taxes.  Uncle Sam wanted to go in one direction, the direction of a general sales tax, but Congress is pulling him to go in another direction, the way of income tax.   You know how that worked out.

Another American tradition is the ongoing quest for the White House, and it is providing some interesting moments.   My question is this…after savaging each other during the campaigns, how does the eventual nominee pick a vice-president for the ticket?   Traditionally, when the candidate becomes the nominee for his/her party, they announce their running mate.   Here you are then, at the pinnacle of your success, and you have to name a person that, previously, you seem to despise.   Where’s the logic in that?  

Ronald Reagan said that one should not disparage another Republican, and, of course that would apply to the Democrat side as well, I believe.   Way back in my working lifetime I used to have partners in some of my business dealings, and we were partners because we got along and thought the same way.   We would never have been partners if one or the other of us had slung mud on the other…it just doesn’t work that way…but in politics, as they say, it makes strange bedfellows.

Lastly, an American tradition, at least in the majority of the 20th Century, was that we were the leaders in the free world.   We’re not that any more, sad to say.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired;;

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Larry Usoff

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at:

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