BLACK Professor Says Cops ABUSED Her… The DASH CAMERA Tells A Different Story

Published on February 12, 2016

This black Princeton professor claimed that police abused her when they pulled her over and arrested her for driving with a suspended license. But the newly released dash cam footage tells a VERY different story.

Police have released dashcam footage showing the arrest of a black Princeton professor who claimed she was mistreated by cops over a three-year-old parking ticket because of her race.

Imani Perry, and African American studies professor, said she was left ‘humiliated and frightened’ after being handcuffed and searched during a traffic stop on February 6.

Perry said police denied her a phone call before she was arrested, that a male officer searched her despite a female officer being present, and that she was handcuffed while being taken to the police station and cuffed to a desk after arriving.

Footage of the incident shows that Perry was handcuffed during her arrest, though the officer is at pains to point out that it is simply a matter of protocol.

The video also shows that Perry was denied a phone call prior to her arrest – though again the officer explains that, once at the station, she can ‘make as many phone calls as you want’.

In the video a male and female officer, both of whom are white, pulling Perry over, informing her that her driver’s licence is suspended, and asking if she can recall why.

Perry tells the male officer that she has no recollection of a suspension, at which point he checks her name against police records.

After carrying out the checks, the officer returns to tell her that she has a warrant for a parking offense in New Jersey from two years ago – not three, as Perry claimed.

The officer then tells her: ‘What you’re going to have to do is come with us, it’s $130, so if you have that money we’ll be able to post and we’ll be able to get you right back out.

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