BLANK OFF: Hipster DOUCHE Flees Cali for Capitalist Texas MONEY But STILL Wants Socialism

Published on February 8, 2016

This hipster idiot wants to have the benefits of living in Texas with capitalism while bringing in socialism.

AUSTIN, TEXAS- Getting into Austin in his Prius with California plates and a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker, 24 year old Ashton Thompson howls in disgust at the mention of Capitalism.

“Socialism is so good man. Capitalism is all about exploitation.” He remarks, as he fills his gas tank with almost tax free gas under $1.60 a gallon, a far cry from the $3.24 he was paying back home.

Ashton takes a full time job in Austin and enjoys the state tax income free pay checks he now receives, while supporting Bernie online and Sanders’ tax the wealthy plans.

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