Check Out the 3 BRUTAL Words The Crowd Chanted At Hillary After Her Iowa Win

Hillary was TICKED about this. Even those on the Left can see this one simple fact about her.

Sanders, who lost to Clinton by a razor-thin margin, had a rally for his supporters at the Airport Holiday Inn in Des Moines. A TV was blaring the news of the caucus results. Eventually, Clinton came on the screen to give her victory speech. Boos broke out among the crowd, as well as cheers when a glitch cut the sound.

Then the real reaction took place when Clinton said, “I’m a progressive who gets things done.”

“You’re no f—-ng progressive!” one man shouted angrily. “No no no no no!” shouted another. “Turn her off!”

“She’s a liar! She’s a liar! She’s a liar!” became the resounding chorus of the crowd.

Sanders himself was as defiant as the rest.

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