Why Does the CIA say ‘No’ to Rough Interrogations but ‘Yes’ to Recruiting ‘Transgenders’?

Written by Paul Hair on February 28, 2016

Central Intelligence Agency veterans are reportedly saying they won’t ever roughly interrogate terrorists again even if the next president orders them to do so. At the same time, the CIA released a strategy announcing how it plans to recruit more “transgender” people.

Ken Dilanian, intelligence and national security reporter for NBC News, wrote on Feb. 22 that some CIA veterans say they would never again use rough interrogation techniques.

But current and former CIA officials, including some who played key roles in the post-9/11 terrorist detention program, say the fallout from that controversial episode has left the spy agency unwilling ever again to conduct coercive interrogations. That would be true, they say, even if the country was attacked again and Congress undid the law it passed last year banning harsh techniques. . . .

But though many CIA officers believe it makes sense to capture and grill terrorists beyond the strictures of the U.S. Army field manual, which is the current standard – they want no part in doing so.

“They didn’t expect people in their own government to turn on them, and they didn’t expect people in Congress to develop amnesia about what they were briefed on,” Harlow said.

There’s a logic to it—but a logic that comes from an implicit acknowledgment that the Left has fully defeated the Right through its willingness to criminalize opposition.

Meanwhile, the CIA recently released its strategy to recruit more non-white, non-males, and even “transgender” people

Combine those two pieces of news about the CIA and you can form your own conclusions about where the U.S. is morally and culturally, along with what is going to happen to us in the future.

By the way, if you’re surprised the CIA is so enthusiastic about embracing “transgender” people you shouldn’t be. Read “The First Transgender Superhuman” in Mortal Gods: Ignition. Elements of the plot come eerily close to what is happening in real life.

Image: http://www.fiuxy.net/casos-sobrenaturales-enigmas-y-de-terror/3993256-objetos-usados-por-la-cia-para-espiar-sus-enemigos.html

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