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COULTER ON SCALIA: ‘Craven Coward Republicans in Washington’ Better Not Confirm an Obama Nominee

Ann Coulter remembers Justice Antonin Scalia and blasts coward Republicans at the same time. Are Republicans going to let Obama get his way?

Pundit, author, Constitutional law expert, and former appellate court clerk Ann Coulter joined host Stephen K. Bannon on a Breitbart News Radio special Saturday night to discuss the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

Coulter said Scalia was a giant of the court because he “changed the way people see Constitutional law, and think about Constitutional law, more than any other Justice I can think of.”

“The Court was, as it should be, kind of a boring institution for nearly 200 years,” Coulter explained.  “And then, the Left figured out that — not by any Constitutional framework, but simply by the fact that the Supreme Court gets the last word, they decide cases — liberals realized, ‘Oh, shoot, we can’t get Americans to agree with our crazy ideas, but hey, I bet we could get five Justices to agree!’”

The Left was thus able to transform the Supreme Court into “a sort of super-legislature of elderly lawyers” who began “suddenly discovering non-existent rights in the Constitution.” Coulter wistfully suggested conservatives should try putting a real activist Justice on the Court, to discover conservative-leaning “rights” to a flat tax, charter schools, personal possession of automatic weapons, or “free champagne for blondes” (possibly a self-interested suggestion) just to give liberals a taste of their own medicine.

As for Scalia’s prospective replacement on the Supreme Court, Coulter thought “the only reason these craven coward Republicans in Washington” would refuse to confirm an Obama nominee was because of Donald Trump’s presidential run, because the Republicans know if they “screw us over one more time, on something as big as this, Trump gets another ten million voters right there.”

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