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DISGRACED Race-Baiting Professor Is BUSTED On Newly Released Video Going PSYCHO On Cops

This liberal race-baiting professor at Mizzou thought that she would get away with yelling profanities at Police Officers, but she had another thing coming.

Disgraced Missouri media professor Melissa Click has been caught on camera yelling profanities at officers during the Mizzou protests.

The University of Missouri assistant professor was suspended last month after she pleaded guilty to ‘siccing’ muscle on two reporters covering an anti-racism protest in November.

Now police body camera footage has emerged of Click, 45, shouting and swearing at officers during an earlier protest.

‘Her conduct and behavior are appalling, and I am not only disappointed, I am angry, that a member of our faculty acted this way,’ interim chancellor at the University of Missouri’s Columbia campus Hank Foley told the Missourian.

‘Her actions caught on camera last October, are just another example of a pattern of misconduct by Dr. Click—most notably, her assault on one of our students while seeking ‘muscle’ during a highly volatile situation on Carnahan Quadrangle in November.’

The shocking new footage shows Click at a protest on October 10 when black Missouri students blocked homecoming parade and were shoved away – which led to eventual resignation of former university president Tim Wolfe.

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