Europe Is Teaching Women How to Prevent #RAPEfugees…By Using Invisible ‘Force’

Written by Wes Walker on February 4, 2016

Pick the happy ending:

A young woman in Europe is approached in an isolated setting by a menacing thug who begins making crude statements about how “tasty” she looks. Prepared for such an event, she uses:

1) Her rape whistle
2) The “pee in her pants” deterrent method
3) Non-lethal force (ie: Martial Arts, Pepper Spray or Taser)
4) A personal firearm
5) a Jedi Mind trick.

Struggling quixotically to squeeze the reality of the #Rapefugees crisis into their PC worldview, the European pacifist intelligentsia has some super-helpful advice.

No, it does not involve vulnerable women carrying sufficient lethal (or even non-lethal) force to deter their would-be attackers. Not at all, their citizens can’t be trusted with guns. Or tasers. Or even pepper spray.

But it’s ok. They have fixed this problem. You don’t no longer need options to deter with force. You’re a Jedi… you can use “the” Force. (Or, as @BlazingCatFur quipped, “Mittens tha repel

This “helpful” Finnish video demonstrates just how easily a woman can thwart a rapist.

-She only needs to stare down her attacker, hold up her hand and have him walk away.

-OR — if the encounter is more intense than that, you can give him a 2-handed shove, and hold up BOTH hands. This will deter him.

-OR — if the encounter reaches peak intensity, she can go looney toons like Grannie beating Sylvester the cat with her handbag. THEN push him, and THEN hold out both hands while glaring menacingly. Problem solved.

This is presumably followed by the mumbled phrase “This is not the victim you are looking for.”

It really works! Here we have documented video evidence that such Jedi methods successfully deter at least one emasculated European actor in a mock scenario. What further proof do you need?

(Related: women in Europe can expect new laws regulating the size and weight of “assault” handbags to be immediately forthcoming.)

Watch the video below:

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