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EXPOSED: James Woods Sums Up Obama’s Lawlessness Perfectly In ONE Tweet

Actor James Woods has been one of the most outspoken critics of the Obama administration, and his preferred medium is Twitter.

After the death of Antonin Scalia, Woods wasted no time in tweeting his advice for Senate Republicans on how to handle Obama’s forthcoming Supreme Court nominee.

It was also an opportunity for a succinct, yet scathing, indictment of the entire Obama presidency.

Woods tweeted Sunday that Congress should not confirm a SCOTUS nominee by President Barack Obama.

“This could not be simpler,” Woods tweeted. “Absolutely, do not confirm an #Obama SCOTUS nominee. Don’t discuss it; just ignore him, as he does the law.”

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George Hewes

"George Hewes" is the nom de plume of a freedom-loving American who believes the runaway growth of government is trampling on our individual liberties. He advocates a return to constitutional principles as a cure for what ails America as well as a vigorous response to the relentless forces of progressivism and Big Government. Image:

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