GERMAN POLITICIAN SAYS: ‘Muslims Should Be SHOT At The Border If They Try To Enter Illegally

Is this German politician going too far or do you agree with her? Either way, Angela Merkel will definitely not be happy about this.

The leader of a right-wing party in Germany has come under fire for suggesting refugees who try to cross the border illegally should be shot.

Frauke Petry, 40, principal speaker for Alternative für Deutschland – Alternative for Germany – said in an interview that a police officer must ‘make use of his firearm’ to stop illegal border crossings.

Ms Petry has seen the support for her party increase in recent months as public opinion has changed on Germany’s migration policy.

AfD was formed in 2013 and was initially profiling itself as a party for Eurosceptics, but the party has since split into two factions, with one more vocal on right-wing politics.

Ms Petry, a mother-of-four, has been a Speaker for the party since its birth, but was elected ‘principal Speaker’ – de facto party leader – in June last year.

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