Will THIS Silent Job Killer In America Lead to the END of Small Businesses?

Written by Ian Bayne on February 18, 2016

While most people are fixated on the race for the White House or the latest development in emails belonging to Hillary Clinton, a silent job killer is all across America that will lead to the end of small business.

As the Washington Post reports, a flurry of state laws designed to create equality for women in the workplace have been dumped on legislators over the past few weeks.

Aside from true equality being literally impossible to achieve, there’s a frightening common theme that all of this legislation shares: oversight.

Oversight is a threat, like motioning under your coat that you have a gun is a threat. In a court of law, we call a finger gun under a sweatshirt an assault with a deadly weapon, but oversight is considered an advancement in societal evolution.

With Democrat party leaders convinced that the election of Barack Obama as the first black president allowed harmful legislation to be overlooked, they are equally obsessed with unleashing a similar plan of attack for the “war between the private parts.”

Most normal people know that women don’t earn as much money as men, on average, because women have children and children create breaks in employment and, as with men, with breaks in employment comes the natural resistance to return to employment.

Also, for every multi-millionaire man there’s usually a wife that doesn’t work.

Add all of that up and you get a statistic that seems to be anti-woman.

But wait there’s more.

Hollywood liberal elites, the most racist, sexist, and judgmental people in America, have been caught paying women less than men. So something has got to be done. This is a little like taking guns out of law-abiding citizens because of what criminals do.

In the Washington Post story, they even point it out: Jennifer Lawrence earned less than Bradley Cooper in some nonsensical movie that no one saw. Lawrence has been acting since 2006 and Cooper since 1999, so I guess the seven years of experience between the two shouldn’t make a difference. Tell that to your favorite feminist union employee.

But legislation that favors equality for women’s pay has as much to do with women’s pay as Jesse Jackson has to do with equal treatment under the law.

It does; however, have everything to do with oversight.

Ensuring equal pay for women requires government oversight in the inner workings of all businesses everywhere. Reporting of salaries. Requiring managers to tell government why a certain worker is paid more than another, and mandating reports of why any man is ever paid more than any woman.

And there better be an acceptable reason.

This slippery slope is more slippery than the others. Skin color, disability, psychological condition, weight, height, and maybe even political affiliation is next.

A letter from the government asking “Why are you employing only registered Republicans?” could be in your future.

With all the frustration of reporting, explaining, answering questions, and dealing with visits from your (no doubt) friendly and overbearing state bureaucrat who was never picked first in high school for P.E. volleyball, you give up.

There must be a solution to all this confusion. No one could possibly keep up with all of the requirements, and the only businesses left are the ones that have enough money to hire others to comply with all of the rules.

And that’s just the way government wants it.

Killing economic freedom by regulation is not only the easiest path to tyranny, it’s the fairest way to arrive.

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Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright