Here’s Four Reasons There’s A HUGE Chance Hillary or Bernie Will Be Elected

Written by Doug Giles on February 15, 2016

1. Left leaning “Pop culture” and “entertainment” has so destroyed the value of having a traditional family that we’ve got a stack of un-moored morons that are now actually looking to the State to be daddy and mommy.  Hillary’s “It takes a village” mantra sounds awesome to the village idiots. 

That said, I have one word for the duped dupes who’re eye-balling the state as some sort of central parental unit to raise you and yours: Ahahahahahaha. Good luck. 

2. Via the public schools we’ve now got a veritable army of useful dolts who have an entitlement mentality that’s bigger than Rosie O’Donnell’s paunch gut after scarfing down a five-gallon bucket of queso and chasing with a twelve pack of Colt 45 quarts.  

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: if you hate your children and America’s original intent and future prosperity… send your children to public school. That’ll ruin ’em, fo’ sho. 

3. Speaking of an entitlement mentality, this junk is so cemented into the heads of ubiquitous liberal zombies that they’re completely cool with legalized theft in the name of “fairness”.  This self-same fairness farce is muy appealing to to the multitudinous, lazy, irresponsible, zero accountability weeds who take up space on American soil. 

4. In this atmosphere of self-indulgence versus self-reliance, where blame-shifting and envy reign supreme, you’re not going to have these me-monkeys looking to vote for someone who promotes self-discipline and delayed gratification on behalf of our future prosperity, security and sustainability. Screw that. They want free stuff and they want it now.

Indeed, with the American deck having been furtively stacked with this pathetic smegma over the last forty-plus years, I believe you shouldn’t be too shocked if Hillary or Bernie gets to sit behind the same desk that Bill boinked Monica.

The foundations of a strong work ethic and traditional values have been purposefully and arduously eroded by the Left for many, many moons and, thus, the pump is primed, y’all. The fix could be in. It definitely isn’t going to be a cake walk and you’re naive if you think it’s going to be a sure win.   

So, don’t think it strange if the Hildebeest or Bernie walks with this thing. Their zombies are amassed. 

The lazy barbarians, with their gargantuan entitlement mentalities, are at the gate and they sure as heck don’t want to be weened anytime soon from the government teet of mediocrity. 

Yes, the once noble goals of innovation, entrepreneurship and competition that used to predominantly characterize Americans, have given way to sloth, handouts and status quo. And it’s this sad and sucky spirit which rolls out the red carpet for a whacked totalitarian leader who’s hell bent to undermine freedom for the sake of control.

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