Here’s How Gun Control Via Obamacare Will ELIMINATE the 2nd Amendment

Written by Ian Bayne on February 11, 2016

The latest and possibly greatest attack on freedom is taking shape in four states and may not be stopped without first overturning Obamacare.

And It’s not what you may think.

The Framers knew that the only guarantee of freedom was an individual’s ability to protect himself.

We are, in fact, a collective of individuals making up small armed communities who make up small governments who make up states that belong to one large country. That’s the way this country was intended to be.

And if law was not recognized by the small armed communities then that law was not recognized at all.

This practice is still quite common in some places that do not offer broadband internet or transgender bathrooms. But ultimately, the threat of this reality exists everywhere man is armed.

Because of these small armed communities, let’s call them counties, man will not be controlled by an oppressive government.

In order to have government rule by force then man cannot match that force with equal force. It’s the political law of physics.

So what’s a government to do?

With the endless call for gun control clearly failing, as Chicago finally falls to the freedoms of the 2nd Amendment and the right to carry a firearm, smart Democrats know that there’s more than one way to get what they want.

What they want is total control of the population; how to get it is by eliminating the rights guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment.

These same smart Democrats know that the only way to truly destroy something, without confrontation, is to regulate it.

While Obamacare on the surface appears to be just a clever way to increase taxes arbitrarily, it actually accomplishes a much more sinister task relating to gun control.

The right to require insurance began with the automobile, but the desire to insure your car exceeded the concern over forcing it. And, as the argument goes, it’s not a Constitutional right to drive and you don’t need to have a car to retain your Constitutional rights.

But under Obamacare, every man, woman and child is expected to purchase insurance. The “right” of living, breathing, and existing is now guaranteed by an insurance policy purchased by you from a private corporation.

Because of this, it doesn’t sound so crazy when Hawaii, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New Hampshire consider requiring insurance for the personal use or ownership of a firearm.

It’s merely following the formula of force.

Once mandatory, government can apply pressure to these insurance policies in so many different ways (did you know that government decides how much electric companies can charge, and a minimum that cigarettes can be sold for?) and make it financially impossible to own a firearm.

The same people claiming the requirement of a $30 state I.D. for identification to vote is an attack on the poor are the same people considering $12,000 annual insurance policies for 2nd Amendment rights.

In a way, it’s almost impossible to defend against. Inevitable as gay marriage.

How could a society that is forced into purchasing insurance to draw breath object to one for such a deadly recreation?

The only way to stop it is so simple yet so difficult. Repeal Obamacare.

With Obamacare repealed, the legal precedent for requiring purchase of insurance is removed and the case for gun control through insurance is flat.

So anyone not in Iowa or New Hampshire consider this: let your vote be for the candidate most likely to repeal the costliest attack on healthcare, freedom, and gun rights.

For the case against Obamacare is a case against tyranny in all forms.

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Ian Bayne
Ian Bayne is a former radio talk show host and political consultant. He is currently a small business owner living in central Illinois. Follow him on Twitter @ ianbayneisright