Hey America: Why Did You Trade the American Dream for the Venezuelan One?

Written by Wes Walker on February 15, 2016

With the popularity of so many dystopian films right now, you might think people would see through utopian political promises. But along comes Bernie with his Socialism, and everyone buys in. It’s almost enough to make you nostalgic for the days when “old white guys” and their ideas were universally denounced.

It shouldn’t surprise us, though. We’ve been whipping up hatred of businesses and businessmen, fostering class warfare, and undercutting the family by replacing the role of husband or father with the government as surrogate. (Remember, Chris Rock calls the President and First Lady the “mom and dad” of the country.)

As a result, the public considers the government a benevolent body existing to attend to all the needs (and wants) of the people. Who can forget the “Obamaphone” lady?

The American Dream we used to speak of is built around the idea of working hard, and living frugally until you have achieved a target level of wealth so your family can enjoy the fruit of that labour. This is the reason many people from foreign lands arrive in America, and own shops or restaurants not long after arriving here — often reaching levels of success far greater than those born here.

Contrast that to the modern ideal of getting educated so that a successful business can hire you and feed you some of the crumbs that fall from its table.

What happened, America? How did the very people who showed the world that there could be such a thing as an American Dream become risk-averse, government-dependent, and resentful of anyone bold enough to take a risk and succeed?

They are in the process of trading the American Dream for the Venezuelan dream. And what is the Venezuelan dream? It consists of pretty promises to gullible masses, but very, very ugly results.

When businesses become too successful (or when government runs low on cash), these businesses get “nationalized” (seized by the government). This in turn scares off new business investors (i.e. job-creators) who are afraid of starting a business that the government will just take away.

What happens to the people?

Well, they start by electing someone like populist Hugo Chavez (a “yes we can” type leader) that promised to make the wealthy pay their fair share. He was succeeded by his vice-president who continued his policies.

According to the BBC, the majority of Venezuelans live in poverty, or even shanty-towns. This is despite significant wealth potential in their natural resources (including Oil, Bauxite, and, ironically, Gold).

Chavez, by contrast (who once said “being rich is bad”) inexplicably has a daughter worth $4.5 Billion. Maduro — who succeeded Chavez, and was formerly a bus driver — is now the highest-paid politician in the world.

What great benefits have these people brought to their nation? Here’s just a few highlights:

-Because of electricity shortages, malls will have to generate their own electricity during peak hours. Since they can’t, they will be reducing service hours.

-Poverty rate is now reported at 76%. (This is a jump of 21% since Chavez took office in ‘99.)

-Venezuela has the world’s highest inflation rate. (Expected to rise from 275% to 720% this year)

Socialism is a lie harnessing envy and dissatisfaction for political self-interest. This is what makes politicians who embrace it toxic to a nation; it is especially devastating to the poorest people who live there.

But there is good news. If you can convince someone of the sham, they can wake up to reality. Remember the Obamaphone lady? She came to her senses, and if she can, there’s hope for anyone.

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