Hillary’s Terrified Of THIS GOP Candidate… ‘He MUST Be Defeated’

Hillary Clinton hates to admit it, but she is absolutely terrified of this GOP candidate. At one of her fundraisers she even admitted to it, check it out…

Speaking at a closed-door, $2,700-per-head fundraiser in Los Angeles, California, on Monday, Hillary Clinton proclaimed that national security is the main reason that she believes Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump must be defeated in November.

“There are a number of reasons to defeat Donald Trump, but chief among them is security,” Clinton said.

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The comment about security was notable, as it was reportedly the only time during her address that Clinton mentioned a Republican candidate by name, shedding light on the possibility that Trump is now being looked at more seriously by the Clinton camp.

Among her other remarks, the Democratic candidate said that she is troubled by what the Republican candidates all stand for.

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