If Cops Don’t Release THIS Info About LaVoy Finicum’s Death Something’s Definitely FISHY

Published on February 5, 2016

On the topic of investigating the death of LaVoy Finicum, a retired officer writes:

As a retired law enforcement officer I want the following to be made public as soon as possible. (law enforcement actions and records of those actions ARE public records)

1. The autopsy report that clearly shows how many times and where Mr. Finicum was struck by bullets.

2. A complete description of all bullet strikes on both vehicles and a report on who fired the shots and the authorization for firing each shot.

3. A release of all videos of the incident taken from any perspective including dash cams, body cams or hand held cameras.

4. A shots fired report by every law enforcement that fired their weapon and the specific justification for doing so in each instance.


If the above are not voluntarily released by the law enforcement agencies involved; a law suit or freedom of information act demand should be filed as soon as possible.

If the above are not forthcoming; it can only be because there is something dreadfully unjustified with the whole incident.

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