KANYE SAYS… Whites Can’t Criticize BLACK Music, White Female Author Puts Him On BLAST

Published on February 17, 2016

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Kanye West is begging the internet to finance his music with $53 million due to his ‘personal debt’. Now, he’s taking it even one step further and telling white people not to talk about black music.

Well, Katie Hopkins has a BIG message for Kanye and his race baiting antics. You’re going to love this if you hate Kanye.

He’s sick of using his own, claiming to be $53 million in debt in desperate need of a cash injection.

The sad thing is that Kanye’s nonsense has been tolerated by too many people who are smart enough to know better for too long.

Presumably because of his musical ‘genius’ and perhaps because they think it’s just an elaborate PR stunt.

But you know the even sadder thing? Kanye really believes in this stuff. He believes his needs are greater – like a hypochondriac faced with a cancer patient, still convinced their suffering is worse.

But for society he goes one better. He has told white music magazines they are not allowed to comment on black music anymore.

Despite the fact he loves, loves, loves white people. Which would be a bit like me saying I love, love, love migrants. I do. When they are migrating somewhere else.

Racism goes both ways. And race is never more apparent than when white people are excluded from having an opinion. I can’t open my mouth without abusing my white privilege, or whitesplaining. So I must remain dumb.

Kanye argues whites don’t understand what it means to be the great-grandson of ex-slaves. He is right, but he doesn’t understand what it means to be a granddaughter of a Sumo wrestler. Nor do I. But we can all be different if we try.

Every victimhood excuse made to defend this disdain for other races is a lie.

I’d argue black power has become a position of privilege, where you are allowed to say things, demand things, pretend to represent issues which simply aren’t there.

Beyoncé turned half-time at the Super Bowl into a protest against police killing black boys when most people just wanted family entertainment.

Now Kanye turns an award ceremonies into a battle between black and white when there was none to be fought.

Fighting for black power in the absence of white racism is endemic of black racial insecurity. It’s the same reason we can only tweet #blacklivesmatter instead of #alllivesmatter.

White people are not responsible for the fact that homicide is the number one cause of death of young black males.

Just as white people do not conspire to deny black people jobs. If there is a job problem in the US black community today it is because of the anti-business of the President with the worst economic recovery on record.

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