Krauthammer Explains Why Obama’s Skipping Scalia’s Funeral In 3 SCATHING Words

Published on February 19, 2016

Charles Krauthammer just stated in 3 words the REAL reason why Obama doesn’t want to attend Justice Scalia’s funeral.

“That is such obvious nonsense, that it shows they aren’t even trying. […] He doesn’t care! He doesn’t want to spend a Saturday in a pew listening to speeches about how great a jurist Scalia was when [he] believes sincerely that everything Scalia argued for was wrong and harmful to the Republic.”

“If there is a political reason, it is because he’s going to be nominating a justice who will want to undo the 30-year legacy of ‘Scaliaism.’ And he doesn’t particularly want a photo-op of those speeches in praise of Scalia.”

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