Liberal Media Is FREAKING Out Over Trump’s Story About Dipping Bullets In Pig Blood To Kill…

Published on February 20, 2016

The liberal media is completely losing their sh*t over a story that Donald Trump told about killing Muslim terrorists with bullets that were dipped in pig’s blood.

The left has had a field day after Donald Trump riled up a crowd in South Carolina on Friday by regaling them with a story of how an American general dealt with terrorists by dipping bullets in pig’s blood before killing them.

Trump told the crowd the legend of Gen. John J. Pershing who, the story says, had a Muslim terrorism problem in the Philippines in 1911 and to teach them a lesson gathered 50 terrorists and killed 49 of them with bullets dipped in pig’s blood.

The 50th man was let go to tell the others what happened and America didn’t see another terrorism problem for 25 years, according to the legend.

“Can you imagine these people, when they sit around at night eating whatever they’re eating, and talking – and they’re talking about the United States that they’re actually worried about waterboarding as being a little bit cruel and these people chop off heads,” he told the crowd. “They must think we are the dumbest and the weakest and the stupidest people on earth, on earth — On Earth!”

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