MSNBC Tries to RACE BAIT Trump And It SERIOUSLY Backfires

Published on February 29, 2016

MSNBC hilariously embarrassed themselves when they attempted to label Donald Trump as a racist. As soon as they did so, they switched the camera and were shamed right on the spot.

An attempt by MSNBC to portray Donald Trump as a racist hilariously backfired after the network cut to video footage of a black voter endorsing the Republican front runner.

Host Tamron Hall set up the segment by asking Mother Jones bureau chief David Corn about former KKK member David Duke’s endorsement of Trump.

Corn recycles talking points about Trump being a racist by association before Hall introduces a clip of “the new people” Donald Trump is “bringing into the fold”.

Obviously expecting the video to feature a racist Trump supporter, the feed instead cuts to a clip of a black voter named Frank Vick who endorses Trump and decries media race bating.

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