NO ONE LOVES JEBORAH: Check Out What A Rotary Club Did To Little Jebbie

Jeb Bush just really seems to be out of luck these days. Here’s what happened to him at a rally in New Hampshire.

At a rally before the Nashua rotary club in New Hampshire Tuesday, the former Florida governor experienced yet another cringe-worthy moment when he was awkwardly cut off in the middle of a speech.

“They’re kicking me out the door,” Jeb said, confused on why he was being ushered off stage. “They’re kicking me out the door,” he repeated.

“I believe your schedule has a hard stop,” a man taking the podium says, as he moves on to his speech.

The incident follows a line of embarrassing moments for former President George W. Bush’s brother, who has had a hard time fighting the perception that he is a “low energy” candidate.

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