‘ONE MILLION MORE MUSLIMS ARE ON THEIR WAY’: Border Officials Warn Of New Massive Influx Into The EU This Year

Published on February 25, 2016

Prepare to say good bye to Europe and hello to Europe-istan when this happens. Border officials are warning that there will soon be another massive invasion of Muslim migrants.

A million more migrants will arrive in Europe this year, the EU’s borders chief declared yesterday.

Fabrice Leggeri said it was impossible to halt the flood of arrivals who already number 110,000 this year. ‘Experience has shown that fences and patrols at sea do not stop the refugees,’ he added.

Michael Gove said EU immigration policies were causing misery, with free movement diktats stopping the UK choosing who it wanted to let in. The Justice Secretary said this meant Britain could neither be ‘humane’ to refugees nor ‘wise’ economically.

Ministers are braced today for embarrassing statistics that will put the influx into Britain at sky-high levels. Net migration is expected to be 300,000 or more – making a mockery of David Cameron’s pledge in 2010 to reduce it to the ‘tens of thousands’. In his first public comments since declaring for the Out campaign, Mr Gove said the right of all EU citizens to come to the UK was tying this country’s hands.

Britain is forced to turn away non-EU migrants with skills the country wants and is left with less room to let in genuine refugees. EU nationals are adding 180,000 to the population every year.

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