PHOTOS: Inside The Squalid Shelter In Sweden Where Islam Reigns And Cops FEAR to Tread

Published on February 1, 2016

This shelter is Sweden is where residents are terrified to approach. This is one one of the most notorious asylum centers — and it isn’t well known for any of the right reasons.

The tiny room is crammed full of all the family’s worldly possessions. Dirty dishes, baby bottles and an old kettle fight for space with a glowing tablet computer, in a room eight metres square that is now home to six people.

Amid the squalor, a sick child lies sleeping on an old mattress on the floor, inches from a filthy sink that doubles as bathroom and kitchen.

These are the conditions inside one of Sweden’s most notorious asylum centres – where youths were free to rape a ten-year-old boy and where police now refuse to enter after being chased away in a riot.

Signalisten Asylum Centre  in Västerås, an hour west of Stockholm, was once a hotel welcoming people to the town of 133,000 people.

Today, 600 men, women and children sleep in its grubby rooms, guarded by just two night-time staff who are too scared to leave their rooms.

As MailOnline gained exclusive access to the centre, campaigners claimed that overcrowding in Sweden’s asylum centres is so severe that as many as ten children have been raped.

Afghan Association chairman Hussein Asgari insists that children are at increasing risk because of Sweden’s failure to get to grips with the influx of migrants each month.

He blames overcrowding after the Migration Board in Sweden changed the rules about how much space every person must have at asylum centres, from 5 square meters to 3 square metres.

‘I have gotten several phone calls – up to 10 – from children who say that they have been raped since they got to Sweden,’ Hussein told MailOnline.

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