QUESTION: Cop Haters Want THESE Signs Taken Down… Do You Agree With Them?


These billboard signs are popping up across America and the race baiters can’t stand it. Do you think that they should stay up?

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — A new billboard campaign that started in Memphis has reached Grand Rapids’ highways: Blue Lives Matter.

A Memphis, Tennessee, branding agency called Tactical Magic created Blue Lives Matter to honor local police officers. Lamar Advertising based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, then joined in and donated more than 150 company-owned billboards nationwide to fund the message as a public service effort.

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The messaging also includes hashtags for social media: #thankublu.

Monday night the digital billboard was first lit in Grand Rapids along I-96 westbound overlooking the Grand River.

“Our law enforcement officers, they matter, but at the same time we also recognize and we know that every citizen that walks here in Grand Rapids, their life matters; every single one,” said Grand Rapids Police Department Sgt. Terry Dixon.

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