QUESTION: Did You Enjoy Leo’s Lecture About Global Warming After He Flew On a Private Jet 6 Times in 6 Months?

Published on February 29, 2016


Did you like hearing Leonardo DiCaprio go off on a rant about global warming in his Oscar acceptance speech? Or do you think he is better at acting than he is at greenie activism?

While lecturing everyone else about their impact on the earth, DiCaprio routinely flies between New York and L.A. in a carbon dioxide-spewing private jet.

After the Sony email leak last year it was revealed that the Wolf of Wall Street actor “took six private roundtrip private jet flights” in the space of just six weeks between April and May 2014.

Travel records also show that DiCaprio took a private jet from L.A. to Las Vegas and stayed in Sin City for just eight hours before flying home again.

“Each time the studio picked up the cost of the plane as well as catering and car service at the departure and arrival destinations,” reports the Daily Mail.

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