QUESTION: Is Obama the Most Pro-Slavery President In A Century And A Half?

Written by Wes Walker on February 11, 2016

They’re buying themselves votes at auction, and the taxpayer is stuck with the tab. There is nothing “classically liberal” about the Donkey party anymore. They are on track to land somewhere left of Lenin.

Their formula is simple: endlessly wring money out of those nasty rich people. It’s a bottomless bucket! Actually, no. In the words of Margaret Thatcher, “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

The Millennials taken in by this message can be given a little more grace than older voters. They were not around to see the Cold War. It would be difficult to explain, for example, the divide between East and West Germany, and how different life was on either side of the Berlin Wall. They have not seen people risk life and limb to escape a Soviet State in order to seek asylum in a Western nation. (Except Cuba. And many do not stop to even ask what makes people get on leaky rafts in a desperate and dangerous gamble to reach America.)

The rest of us should know better, but how soon we forget. We embrace promises that greater and greater government involvement will solve all of society’s ills. Provide free this… offer free that… health care, education, birth control … the list goes on and on. Make the rich pay for it.

Now that Canada turned its back on Conservative government and drank the same batch of Kool Aid Bernie and Hillary are now hawking, you don’t have to look back to Cold War Europe to see where these policies can lead you. You can already learn from their mistakes.

After only three months of Liberal leadership, the country is changing. Already, Trudeau is on track to run out of “Other People’s Money”. He pledged to run a deficit (meaning: add debt), but to stay within $10 Billion a year. It’s February, and he’s already on track to double that.

In fact, the National Bank is predicting a $90 billion shortfall after 4 years. For a country with only 10% of America’s population, that’s big cash. Why does this matter? It matters because debt is dangerous.

We have a problem seeing debt as dangerous because schools love social engineering and sex ed, but don’t teach how money works. As a result, Joe Public looks at a debt clock, sees a crazy number, shrugs, and resumes his day. What people don’t see is the connection between promises of the free stuff and the threat of actual slavery for themselves and their own kids.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen — the most pro-Slavery President in a century and a half is Barack Obama. (And the next Democrat in office will try to make that look Amateur.)

How can I make such a claim?  Easy.

We are spending “government” (taxpayer) money to GET stuff now. We tell ourselves it’s MORALLY OK because we’re just “taking it from rich people”. That, of course is a lie, because rich people have more mobility than other people. Reference Gerard Depardieu’s story. The people who actually get stuck with the bill CAN’T go somewhere else. Ask anyone from Detroit.)

Worse, we GIVE OURSELVES more stuff than the current crop of taxpayers can provide. So we put it on the CREDIT CARD (so to speak). And next year, we do it again. Then again.

Year after year, we make the national debt bigger (with Obama the biggest offender so far) until it is so big it cannot possibly be paid back.

But the lenders this borrowed money comes from are businessmen. They expect repayment. If you become a high risk of defaulting, your interest rates get higher. You have to pay your interest every year… and that comes out of total government spending.  This means tax money is paid out to one-percenter foreign businesses, banks or investors with nothing to show for it.

What just happened?

Debt — ie: wasteful big government spending — has turned the American workforce into wage-slaves working (in part) to hand over their paychecks to foreign businessmen. Why? So politicians could promise free stuff to various interest groups. We DO have a word for people profiting from people who work without compensation, right? Slavery, wasn’t it?

So, In Freedom-loving America we can assume politicians are rushing to slay the debt and emancipate the American citizens as soon as possible, right?  

Nope. They’re doubling down on the debt. (More Free Stuff!) So that more Americans can work longer hours as wage slaves for foreign investors. Worse, their children — who never actually GOT the free stuff — will be paying for the free stuff that was given to their parents.

And when interest rates go up — as they eventually will — what happens then?  Those Foreign One-Percenter businessmen will be filthy rich, while Americans work harder and harder with ever-fewer government services to show for it.

All because of those years where Obama didn’t even pretend to pass a budget. And now, Bernie and Hillary want to spend even more. More promises. More “free” stuff. More deficit spending.

Now you know why a vote for deficit spending is a vote for slavery. Yours — and your children’s.

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