Super PAC Linked to THESE Candidates Now Promising to ‘Kill Off’ Trump In South Carolina

Published on February 11, 2016

The Trump hate is stronger than ever — and the GOP is planning an all out war against him in South Carolina. Do you think it’s actually going to work?

This mysterious, Mitt-Romney-linked Super PAC is letting it be known they are prepared for all-out war to ensure Mr. Trump gets nowhere near the GOP nomination.

The name of the “anyone but Trump” multi-million dollar effort calls itself the, Our Principles PAC and is headed by former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager, Katie Packer. One of Packer’s oft-repeated complaints against Donald Trump is that he is a RINO. That’s right, the former Deputy campaign manager for MITT ROMNEY, is now complaining that Donald Trump isn’t conservative enough.

Packer in turn is being supported by such GOP Establishment luminaries as John McCain, among others, to try and forge an ongoing, anti-Trump message that they hope will ultimately sway public opinion against the New York billionaire. Packer has also admitted she supports Marco Rubio, but says she is not affiliated with the Rubio campaign

…“If it bleeds we can kill it.”

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