THE BRITS HAVE GONE MAD: UK Deports This Person But LOVES Radical Islamic ‘Migrants’

Published on February 18, 2016

According to the UK, letting in thousands of Muslims is totally cool but when it comes to letting little old ladies stay, it’s quite the opposite. This 92 year old woman now faces deportation. Check this out…

A Home Office decision to deport a 92-year-old widow who wanted to spend the “end of her days” with her only child in Britain could kill the pensioner, her daughter has said.

Myrtle Cothill, who was born under the British flag in 1924, and whose father fought for Britain in the first world war, has been ordered by the Home Office to turn up at Heathrow on Tuesday for a flight to South Africa.

Mary Wills, her daughter, told the Guardian that officials said she should go back to South Africa where she has no family and seek help from the Red Cross, and offered her £1,000 to help send her on her way.

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The pensioner has fought a campaign since last year to stay with 66-year-old Wills in Poole, arguing she has no support in South Africa and is financially independent from the state with her own £300 a month pension.

“We didn’t really get a chance to talk at the last meeting, they [Home Office officials] just went on and on. When we said where would my mother go when she got to Johannesburg, they said she could go to the Red Cross and get help,” she said.

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