Wounded Combat Vet Responds to Pic of Flag at Hillary’s Rally That’ll Make Your BLOOD BOIL

Written by Omar Avila on February 10, 2016

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Hillary Clinton stood in front of the caskets of fallen Americans who were killed in Benghazi; she stood in front of them on National TV and lied to the American people about what really happened. The American people wanted answers, but we got nothing and she got away with it.

Then, when she was Secretary of State, Clinton used a private email account and server to conduct government business. The FBI launched an investigation and nothing was done about it; the American people didn’t receive any answers again, nothing was done, and she still managed to get away with yet another crime. Her camp insisted that the email scandal is much ado about nothing. Clinton also went on record and said Republicans were “Grasping at Straws” with their attacks.

Now, the Washington Post captured a photo of several American flags crumpled up on the floor at the foot of some bleachers, along with a caption: “With many hours to go Clinton’s staff has flags ready for their election night party.”

Is this who we want to run our country? A candidate who has no appreciation for the American flag, the very own flag that millions of Americans have given up their lives fighting to protect, and not to mention, the Americans like myself who have given up limbs, skin, and living a normal life after combat.

I can already hear her camp and followers defending it and trying to come up with some sort of excuse as to why it isn’t her fault, but it’s very simple like my old commander once told me: leadership is reflected by our actions. Clinton’s actions speak loudly about how much she cares for “Old Glory” and those who are willing to defend and pay the ultimate sacrifice.

Hillary Clinton, if you and your campaign need a manual or handbook to learn the proper placement of the flag, even if it’s just a temporary placement, pick up the phone and give any veteran a call and they will show you. Hell, maybe you should just GOOGLE it!

I pray the day never comes that Hillary becomes president, but my only question is this:

Mrs. Clinton, are you planning on treating and running our country the same way you treat our flag?

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