Thousands of Muslim Refugees Just Got Really BAD News from Europe, They’re Going To…

Written by Wes Walker on February 5, 2016

Canada and the US are gleefully ramping up their ability to receive those Syrian refugees.

In Canada, for instance, refugees are held in hotels, as guests of the government, with a daily food stipend paid to the hotel, while social workers scramble to find appropriate accommodations, services, translators, etc. for them. In the States, it is a point of pride on the Progressives’ part that they are throwing wide the nation’s doors to people, motivated by a generic feeling of compassion.

Critics see such “compassion” as at best, misguided, and at worst, treasonous. Meaning: a “post-nationalist” allegiance to an idealized global community above any affection for one’s own country and national ideals.  In plain language: national leaders loving the UN more than their own country.

This trait would be consistent with Obama’s obnoxious habit of kissing up to foreign leaders, while slandering domestic rivals. (I stand by my earlier prediction that this has been an 8-year audition for the UN Secretary-General position. Others are now saying the same thing.)

For those paying attention, George Soros, the One-Percent-i-est of the One-Percent, and Kingmaker among Progressives, (US politics included) has been denounced by the Hungarian President (George’s own country) for deliberately orchestrating the immigration crisis in Europe. What an outrage! Wait… what’s that? Oh. Soros admitted doing it? Ok, then. Nevermind.

Soros defended his idea, and criticized the Hungarian President with an email to Bloomberg Business, claiming his ideologically-driven foundations help “uphold European values” while those who would limit an influx would undermine those values.

(Referring to President Oban, Soros said) “His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as an objective and national borders as the obstacle.”

Now that some nations (Germany, Finland, and Sweden, for instance) have had a taste of Soros’ Brave New World, they have regretted their “refugees welcome” sloganeering, and have begun to realize the true impact of their actions. Consequences flow from introducing any culture with radically different ethical norms, without a corresponding willingness to adapt to the dominant way of life. The two cultures will grapple in conflict until one — what’s the right word here…? Ah, yes: submits. (What is that definition of Islam again? Anyone?)

Bloodied — but wiser for it — Sweden, Finland, and Germany have learned that their compassion has been used as a weapon against them. And against all their better “progressive” instincts, they have been made to see that these newcomers do not work and play well with others.

In the final week of January, Sweden responded to their migrant crisis by disclosing plans to DEPORT 80,000 of the new arrivals. Finland, the very next day, announced they expect to DEPORT 20K of the 32K migrants (that’s 62 percent!) who sought asylum there last year.

Additionally, Germany has made it clear to Afghanistan that any continued aid will be contingent on Afghanistan no longer shipping immigrants to Germany.

With these facts now on the table: that formerly pro-immigration nations are sending them away; that they have been failing to integrate into their host nations; and that Soros (who has already personally profited from the financial destruction of Asian nations, and the citizens who live there) is a chief proponent of the strategy… are you still so ready to believe the “compassion” argument levied by those same Leftists who directly benefit from Soros’ bottomless bank account?

It’s time we turned the accusations of financial allegiance to puppeteers back where they belong. George Soros and his legion of sock-puppets.

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