TRUMP & CARSON Accuse The IRS of Auditing Them For THESE 3 Reasons

Published on February 26, 2016

Is the IRS targeting Donald Trump and Ben Carson? They think that there are specific reasons as to why they have been singled out and audited.

During a post-debate interview with CNN last night, Donald Trump accused the IRS of targeting him over the fact that he’s a “strong Christian” and is taking on the establishment in the presidential race.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Trump about Mitt Romney demanding the billionaire release his tax returns.

“The one problem I have is I am always audited by the IRS, which I think is very unfair,” said Trump. “I don’t know — maybe because of religion, maybe because of something else, maybe because I am doing this [running for office], though this is just recently.”

Ben Carson also stated during the debate that he was audited by the IRS for this reason:

“I never had an audit until I spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast. And then all of the sudden they came in and said, “We just want to look at your real estate dealings.” And then they didn’t find anything. And then they took a look at the whole year. And they didn’t find anything. And then they looked at the next year and they didn’t find anything. And they won’t find anything… The fact is the IRS is not honest and we have to get rid of them,” said Carson.

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