Trump Haters Do NOT Want You To See What Happened at His NH Rally

Published on February 4, 2016

Despite what the media will try to hide from you, Donald Trump is still packing out his rallies. Check this out.

After speaking at a half-empty coliseum last night in Little Rock, Arkansas, Donald Trump was presented with the opposite problem today in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Throngs of supporters, and reporters too, were turned away as only 450 were let inside a historic town hall to hear The Donald speak. Outside, a line of cars clogged the town.

Among the unlucky: Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace, the moderator of the network’s last debate, an affair Trump skipped claiming that co-moderator Megyn Kelly was ‘biased.’

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 6.51.38 PM

‘Fire marshal just turned a perplexed Chris Wallace & Fox News away,’ tweeted Cook Political Report scribe Dave Wasserman, who took in the scene.

Wallace was spotted afterward at a Marco Rubio town hall.

A spokesperson for Fox News said a local fire marshal told Wallace and crew that they couldn’t enter because the building was at capacity.

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