TRUMP TO TERRORISTS: ‘Expect A Hell Of A Lot Worse Than Waterboarding’ Re: Torture

Published on February 7, 2016

Donald Trump is sending a message loud and clear to any terrorists that might try anything if he’s President.

Donald Trump dove headfirst into the choppy waters of torture politics during Saturday night’s Republican debate in New Hampshire, and doubled down Sunday morning on his call to return waterboarding to the stable of acceptable interrogation techniques.

Trump told CNN’s Jake Tapper on ‘State of the Union’ that he wants to see the practice, which U.S. law considers torture and a war crime, reconsidered.

‘I’d go through a process and get it declassified [as torture], frankly … certainly waterboarding at a minimum,’ the Republican presidential front-runner said.

‘They’re chopping off heads of Christians and many other people in the Middle East. They’re chopping heads off, they laugh at us when they hear that we’re not going to approve waterboarding and then they’ll have a James Foley, and others, where they cut off their heads.’

Foley was an American journalist who was abducted in 2012 and murdered by decapitation in a gruesome video distributed by the ISIS terror army in August 2014.

Trump insisted that enhanced interrogation techniques – what detractors see as torture – ahsve their place if useful information can be extracted that ultimately saves lives.

‘You can say what you want,’ he said on Sunday. ‘I have no doubt that it does work in term of information and other things.’

‘And maybe not always, not nothing works always. But I have no doubt that it works.’

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