The Tyranny of Political Correctness Is What REALLY Murderred LaVoy Finicum

Written by Allan Erickson on February 9, 2016

We first heard the rumblings of political correctness on the college campus in the 60s.  It was clear the majority of professors were far left, socialists and environmentalists, anti-Christian and anti-American.  The seed of rebellion and violent revolution was planted back then, and since, it has grown into a full-blown system of tyranny, controlling even the thought life, now resulting in the loss of life.

Throughout the Western world you are condemned for holding to any form of traditionalism.  If you claim traditional marriage is optimal, you are attacked, prosecuted, maligned, excoriated, run off the job and sanctioned, your business destroyed, the state emptying your back account.   Just ask Aaron and Melissa Klein, the couple that once had a bakery in Gresham, Oregon.   Their crime: respectfully declining to bake a wedding cake for two lesbians.  The full force of the state was brought down on them for this heinous crime.  You see, Christians have no right to conscience in America any longer.  We have no right to religious liberty.  Political correctness, as defined exclusively by the far left, reigns supreme.

This vicious tyranny applies across the board, not by any legitimate authority, but only by an arbitrary social code demanding conformity.  Anything less than full submission, as in Islam, is completely unacceptable, and saying so is politically incorrect, worthy of condemnation:

  • Object to the message and tactics of Black Lives Matter—you are a racist worthy of attack.
  • Claim support for traditional Judeo-Christian values—you are a religious zealot who must be silenced.
  • Oppose the redefinition of marriage which grants special privileges—homophobe!
  • Advocate for private property as a foundation of liberty—you are a Ted Cruz extremist.
  • Invoke the Founders and call for limited government—-Republican Nazi.
  • Object to affirmative action and call for equal protection—-racist.
  • Deny the theory of man-made global warming and warn about radical environmentalism—-nature rapist.
  • Argue for a traditional view of the Constitution as the protector of liberty—-intellectual Neanderthal.
  • Point out the harm done by abortion and the women’s liberation movement—-sexist pig.
  • Support the full Bill of Rights, including the right to bear arms—-white supremacist domestic terrorist.

Intellectual freedom, rational debate, the free interplay of ideas, academic freedom . . . all things of the past.  The public discourse amounts to nothing but a verbal mosh pit driven by the law of the jungle – kill or be killed.  A once remarkable culture inspired by love and good works, held together by the faithful consent of the governed, has become just another two-bit oligarchy run by a few czars presiding over their piece of the federal kingdom. PC thinking has turned America into a dictatorship by bureaucracy, regulation, land control, and the threat of physical violence.

After decades of suffering abuse after abuse at the hands of federal agencies, a handful of ranchers and farmers  watched as one of their own was sent off to prison for five years along with his son.  Dwight and Steven Hammond now serve a five year sentence, having already served many months via the original sentencing, for burning an acre of land to save their ranch.  One acre.  And they were forced to set a back fire to defend themselves from a fire started by the federal Bureau of Land Management.  Five years.  One acre.  The Hammonds were convicted of arson under a terrorism act.  Ranchers are now considered terrorists and arsonists for doing what ranchers have done for two hundred years: manage the range responsibly.

On the heels of the Bundy family in Nevada protesting the tyranny of the BLM almost two years ago, ranchers including LaVoy Finicum watched the Hammonds get sentenced to prison and said enough is enough.  Most of them had been run off the range by various means: fines, prosecution, destruction of property, the killing of livestock, ranches burned.  After protesting the incarceration of the Hammonds just after Christmas, the ranchers occupied the wildlife center many miles away from the town of Burns to draw attention to the criminal behavior of the federal government generally, and the BLM specifically.

But there was a problem you see.  The rancher militia is in the main white skinned, blue collar and red neck.  They are mainly faith-based, and hard working.  They also carry legal firearms, a God-given right.  You cannot get more politically incorrect. After the non-violent occupation, the thoroughly PC mass media immediately condemned the militia, employing the usual epithets: domestic terrorists, redneck morons, white supremacists, anti-government gunslingers, shit kickers, a threat to law and order, felons.  Various leftists and pundits expressed outrage over this small group peacefully demonstrating in a remote location posing no threat to anyone.   Some went so far as to call for a massacre of these ranchers.  Remarkably, few objected to the calls for murder from people like Montel Williams.

Ammon Bundy along with LaVoy Finicum met with law enforcement many times during the occupation in January.  The militia leaders held several press conferences.  They assured everyone theirs was a peaceful protest, there would be no gun play so long as authorities remained non-violent.  They called for peaceful resolution over and over, and to the surprise of many of their critics, the men laid out rational and educated arguments for their protest, appealing to the Constitution in an effort to articulate the cause of liberty.

Their videos are all over YouTube.  Find out for yourself.

But the FBI and the Governor of Oregon were not willing to show restraint.  They were unwilling to patiently defuse the situation.  The Governor said the occupation was “intolerable”. She selected the right word, for anyone considered politically incorrect by the State, cannot, and will not, be tolerated.   Sadly, the local sheriff agreed, missing his chance to stand up for freedom and the Constitution, failing to uphold his oath.

Last week, en route to a community meeting in John Day, another effort to peacefully redress grievances, Ammon Bundy and others were arrested during a joint operation conducted by Oregon State Police and the FBI.  LaVoy Finicum was shot dead by officers at a roadblock.  Witnesses say he was unarmed, standing with his hands raised.  LaVoy was shot nine times, once in the face at close range.  That is not law enforcement.  That is an execution and a statement, to make an example of the man.

The video evidence makes it pretty clear there was little effort, if any, by law enforcement to take LaVoy into custody.  So, a good man is dead, leaving a wife and 11 children.  Those arrested face felony conspiracy charges, accused of impeding officers through the use of force, intimidation or threats.  Who is using terrorism tactics?

Four militia members remain at the wildlife center protesting government tyranny as of this writing.

In America today, you have no right to run your business according to the dictates of conscience: government controlled by the far left now dictates the definition of conscience.  You have no right to the land, no right to private property, no right to freedom of thought, or the Bill of Rights.  You have only those rights the government grants, and if you are politically incorrect, not by statute but according to popular whim, you have no rights at all.

And the worst part of this latest series of events?  We now see local, state and federal law enforcement coordinating to deny people even the right to life, the genesis of a police state, the raw exercise of arbitrary power acting contrary to the consent of the governed, the foundational principle of Americanism.


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Allan Erickson
Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.