This Vigilante Is Putting ISIS Into a ‘State of Panic’…And We LOVE It

Written by Thomas Holmes on February 1, 2016

What do you get when you combine Dirty Harry with Chris Kyle? Why, you get the “Daesh Hunter”, of course. At least, that’s what ISIS must be thinking concerning the mystery sniper who single handedly sent four of their top psychopaths to la-la land of 72 virgins. Most recently, according to the Daily Mirror, was Australian born, Neil Prakash, better know to his delusional cohorts as Abu Khaled al-Cambodi. Prakash was one of ISIS’ top recruiter of young people and can been seen on ISIS videos calling for his Australian-based Islamic “brothers” to revolt against the government.

Thanks to this real-life Batman, the sane portion of the world won’t have to suffer any more videos like that from Prakash anymore. Before Prakash, the Mirror reported in January, that the “Daesh Hunter” also ended the murder reigns of three other top ISIS bosses, Sharia court official, Hamad Abdel Hady, as well as ISIS commanders Abu Mohammed Dernawi and Abdullah Hamad al Ansari. According to one source, ISIS is in a “state of panic”.

It makes me feel good just to write those words.

What, you might be curious to know, was the Australian government threatening Prakash with for all the blood he’s happily poured onto his hands? Well, last June, the Aussies told the world that anybody who helps Prakash out financially would get 10 years in jail. So, basically, they threatened people who might know Prakash, but not really Prakash himself.   Yep, that sounds like the same won’t-be-bullied government that took it on the chin from Muslim immigrants who demanded the Aussies change their “offensive” national anthem.

Between the Australians- and most western governments- and the “Daesh Hunter”, which one do you think actually understands that we’re being invaded and the free world is at war? Not unlike Patton in World War II, who was the only general the Nazi’s we’re terrified of, finding the right mix of perception of reality, relentlessness and fearlessness is what it needed to make our enemies sweat. Sadly, it’s taken one anonymous sniper, alone in Syria, to instill that fear into civilization’s enemy while civilization seems preoccupied with making deals with the devil.

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