WATCH: Greta Van Susteren Goes OFF On Cruz Campaign…Is He FOX’s New Target?

Published on February 4, 2016

Greta Van Susteren just went off on Ted Cruz’s campaign over the Ben Carson Iowa incident. Is she right or has Ted Cruz become the new target of Fox News?

Greta Van Susteren: Horrible!… This is appalling!

For some reason to me, what happened that night was terrible. But then when they have time for reflection they make it even worse with this statement tonight. It’s just appalling.

Karl Rove: They’re circling the wagons. They know they made a big error. They’re trying to change the subject and they’re circling the wagons.

Greta Van Susteren: Then don’t tell me that Senator Cruz apologized! Because all he does is try to make Carson wrong in this whole statement and Carson didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just completely ridiculous to say Senator Cruz apologized. They got caught. Now they got double caught. This is horrible and shame on the Cruz campaign!

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