WATCH: Pro-Abortion Socialist Hillary Clinton Pretends to be Religious

Written by George Hewes on February 23, 2016

Hillary Clinton has proven herself to be a shameless panderer, but this one might be a new low for her. After recently talking like a left-wing atheist to get the votes of the hard left, Madam Secretary pretended to be a God-fearing, gospel music fan in a pathetic attempt to curry favor with African-Americans.

Acting as if it were a coincidence, Clinton was in Las Vegas and found herself at the Stellar Awards, which honor African-American gospel singers. The same woman who once faked a black sharecropper’s dialect suddenly professed her love for black gospel music.

Keep in mind this is a woman who loudly proclaims her defense of Planned Parenthood, which was founded by the vicious racist Margaret Sanger and has done more to kill off the black population than crack, AIDS and George Zimmerman.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Saturday at the Stellar Awards in Las Vegas, calling herself “a person of faith,” adding “what’s better than raising your voices to God.”

“I am a person of faith, and I’m a person who finds inspiration and support and meaning in many different ways, but what’s better than raising your voices to God and being able to connect that brings others along with you,” said Clinton.

“I am so grateful because the artists and the arrangers and the writers tap into something so deep,” she said about the Gospel singers and artists honored at the Stellar Awards, which will air on March 6 on TV One.

“I was so thrilled to learn that the Stellar Awards were here, and some of the greatest Gospel singers and inspirations were here, and a friend of mine knows Don, and they were talking, and he reached out, and I said I’m going to fit it in no matter what,” Clinton said.

“We’re in the middle of these caucuses here, but it lifted my spirits to come, to really express my appreciation,” the former secretary of State said.

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