WATCH: Protester Cuts Off LIGHTS At Trump Rally, They Didn’t Count on Trump’s Response

Published on February 22, 2016

A protestor thought that they were going to get the best of Donald Trump by turning off the lights at his rally in Atlanta — but that was definitely not the case. In fact, Trump reacted in a way that you would probably expect him to.

“Oh I like that much better!” Trump said after the spotlights went dark. “Those lights were brutal. Do they come from the dishonest press?”

Lighting director Bob Hunter told The Associated Press he stepped away from his booth near the front of the stage for a quick bathroom break and then returned to a chaotic scene with shouts in his headset letting him know the lights were off. He said people in the area told him a protester had reached over and pulled a wire.

But after Hunter quickly turned them back up, Trump nixed the move.

“They’re too bright, turn them off!” he shouted, before leading his supporters in a chant of: “Turn off the lights!”

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