A Breakdown of this Election’s Players and What They Are Doing to America

Written by Rob Morse on March 19, 2016

You would think the 2016 election cycle was taken from some sappy day-time soap opera. Here are the players if you tuned in late.

The Socialists Candidates-
The Socialists can’t run on their record of accomplishment. A record number of us in the US are out of work and drawing government benefits. The Socialist candidates’ only legislative accomplishments were to vote for more taxes and regulation. The leading Socialist candidates have never seen a problem that more taxes, bureaucrats, and political kickbacks wouldn’t solve. The political kickbacks and paybacks are enough for many Socialists donors.

That works for them. It hasn’t worked well for us. Instead of running on their record of success, the Socialists candidates run on their record of feelings.

That is the good news.

The Socialist Voters-
Here is the bad news. Those nice feelings are enough for many Socialist voters.

Ignorance is bliss for our socialist voters. Someone somewhere has money. They want it. The socialist voter isn’t for peace and freedom. Far from it. The Socialist simply wants to subcontract theft to the government. Their greed doesn’t stop there because theft is a hard habit to break. It is a short step from stealing from the American people to stealing from another country.

Another country has resources. We deserve them.

Look at the broken Socialist paradise like Venezuela and Cuba if you don’t believe me. Both Socialists candidates heaped praise on those communist countries. Venezuela and Cuba make war on other countries as well as their own people. You might not believe me anyway, since comrade Obama already has troops in Iraq, Afghanistan, and northern Africa.

Right. War is different when a Socialist does it.


The Republican Voters-
But wait, there’s more. The republican voters are equally immature, though in their own way. I’ve read too many comments that say “I didn’t get the candidate I wanted, so I’m going to stay home.” I can hear that as passion if I’m in a generous mood. Today I hear it as childish petulance. We’ve been in the campaign cycle for a long time and I’ve run out of generosity.

No, you disappointed conservative voter, you’re not idealistic. You’re not principled. You’re childish. You claimed superiority and then retreated to your basement. In fact, you folded when it counts. Please move to California or New Jersey and join the other closet conservatives who stay home and complain.

The Republican Candidates-
Then there are the entertaining follies of the Republican candidates themselves. There is plenty of drama as second string candidates change their political position in order to pander to billionaires as they sell their positions for campaign cash. When in doubt, endorse open borders and ask for Sorros’ money.

An ensemble cast-
Establishment politicians, Republicans AND Democrats, made Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. The corrupt politicians sold the taxpayers to Wall Street and Main Street. So called conservatives supported the Planned Parenthood abortion mill. So called conservatives supported Obama’s open borders. They supported the Environmental Protection Agency’s assault on American industry and rural Americans.

Not all of the candidates did this. There are exceptions. It is very important that you find those politicians and support them. Look at their record.

Then we have The Donald. Trump worked with big government. He rented politicians when he needed them. Donald Trump has no voting record because he’s never held public office. I want to like Donald Trump. Many people do. Unfortunately, his public statements, his past policies, look more like a Democrat than a political conservative. He has evolved. Donald Trump speaks a different tune today.. like any good actor playing to his audience.

I hope that American voters look beyond the candidate’s latest statements and look at their record. We voters can play the wise man or the fool. That is no act.

Imaage courtesy of Todd L. Church: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8959016@N02

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