After The Brussels Attacks, NBC Warns About ‘The Rise Of The Right Wing’

NBC shifted their focus from calling out the Brussels terrorist attacks for what they are, to seeing this as a chance to vilify those on the right side of the spectrum in Europe.

During NBC’s breaking news coverage of the terrorist attacks in Belgium Tuesday morning, correspondents Andrea Mitchell and Richard Engel wasted no time warning of the “rise of the right wing” throughout Europe in response to such attacks.

In a special report just before 7 a.m. ET, Mitchell worried: “This is going to have big implications for the migration crisis in Germany and elsewhere because there is a popular notion that migrants are somehow connected with the terror threat. Whether or not that’s true, that is the reality.” She added: “And there has been most recently last week in Germany, a bad election for Angela Merkel with the right-wing parties gaining strength…”

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