Ben Carson Explains Why He COULDN’T Endorse Ted Cruz

Published on March 13, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson has received a lot of criticism from his former supporters and most those from the Republican party for his recent endorsement of Donald Trump. But did he have a good reason to give his endorsement to Trump instead of Cruz?

Carson says he’s fully supporting Trump because he’s incensed by the efforts of the mainstream Republicans seeking to derail the GOP front-runner with millions of dollars’ worth of attack ads.

“The key thing for me was recognizing that the political establishment was pulling out all the stops to try to stop Trump,” Carson said. “It seems to me that’s thwarting the will of the people. The people are the ones who are supposed to make the decision.”

Of course, Ted Cruz is no friend of the GOP establishment either. In demeanor and presentation he’s much more like Carson — and is equally outspoken open about his faith. So why didn’t Carson endorse him?

I think it would be very difficult to convince the independents and Democrats to come over and support him,” Carson said.

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