Cruz and Trump Make BIG Gains On Super Saturday…Rubio, Not So Much

Published on March 5, 2016

Ted Cruz made some huge gains on Super Saturday, and Trump as well. But despite how much Fox News was pushing for Rubio, he fell REALLY short.

Ted Cruz secured an easy win in the Kansas caucuses on Saturday afternoon, securing close to 50 per cent of the vote.

Early polls also looked promising for the Texas Senator in Maine where he has an early lead over Donald Trump. But The Donald is expected to fight back in Kentucky and Louisiana on so-called Super Saturday as four states vote for their presidential candidate.

It is the first round of votes and primaries since Mitt Romney made a dramatic intervention in the race for the Republican nomination, urging this party not to make Trump the nominee.

Although Kansas is an important win for Cruz, it does not provide any strong evidence of a Romney effect because the senator already has strong support in the Midwest.

Early counting in Maine showed Cruz with a large lead over Trump, and the two appear to be neck and neck in Kentucky.

‘What we saw in Kansas is a manifestation of a real shift,’ Cruz said while discussing his victory from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. ‘By any measure, Kansas and Maine and the CPAC are all very different groups of voters and to see strong wins across the board is very encouraging.

‘What it represents is Republicans saying it would be a disgrace for Trump to be our nominee and we’re going to stand behind the strongest candidate in the race.’

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