DEAR AMERICA: Obama BLASTS Trump… Do You Agree With BHO’s Assessment Of The Donald?

Written by Doug Giles on March 5, 2016

Do you think Obama has any place to say this? Or do you think we need a President who will undo everything that he’s done?

While Donald Trump is trying to win voters with his Make America Great Again slogan, President Barack Obama thinks things are going pretty well already in the United States.

‘America’s pretty darn great right now,’ Obama told reporters Friday as he celebrated a strong jobs report that he said proved Republicans’ ‘doomsday rhetoric’ is little more than ‘fantasy.’

Also making things ‘pretty darn great’ for President Obama is a new Gallup poll that reports he has a very strong 51% approval rating one day after what many people believe was a less than stellar Republican debate focused more on arguing among than candidates than the actual addressing of any issues.

Obama’s brief remarks were a striking turn for a president who for most of his seven years in office has put on a sober face every time he spoke about the economy.

Years of slow jobs growth and stagnant wages made the president and his team wary of seeming out of step with the plight of Americans still feeling the aftereffects of the recession.

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