DEAR AMERICA: What Do Cruz, Rubio & Kasich Have In COMMON With Obama, Hillary & Bernie?

Published on March 12, 2016

It looks like the Republican candidates have officially sold out and become just like the Democrats. Instead of supporting first amendment freedoms, they are all shifting the blame and rallying together against Trump.

Both Republican and Democratic politicians have been united in their condemnation for Donald Trump today, in the wake of bloody violence at his Chicago rally last night.

Trump’s rivals, Ted Cruz, John Kasich and Marco Rubio all said that Trump was stirring up a hateful – even ‘toxic’ – environment in politics, while Democratic hopefuls Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton ripped into Trump’s divisive attitude.

And even President Obama weighed in during a speech at a Democratic fund-raiser, saying that Trump was the inevitable result of what he described as a trend of lying and bullishness in the Republican party.

Speaking at a press conference today, Kasich said, ‘Donald Trump has created a toxic environment’ that enables those who support the candidate and those who oppose him to ‘come together in violence’. ‘There is no place for a national leader to pray on the fears of people who live in our country,’ the Republican candidate said.

He also said that the purpose of public officials is ‘to design solutions, to raise up, to help, to give a road map for how people’s lives can be improved,’ and denounced the negative political campaigns that he said so many of his opponents – and in particular Trump – had run.

Kasich has spent much of the Republican race out of the spotlight, something he blamed on a media disinterested in positive campaigning, and on opponents who preferred to ‘drive people down’ rather than offer them hope.

‘I am the only one on that stage who has run an unwavering positive campaign,’ he said. ‘I have recognized the frustrations of the American people but I have done what I can… to provide programs to “raise them up”.’

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