FLORIDIANS V. RUBIO: Anti-Rubio PROTEST Hits MIAMI, March 10th, At Univ. Of Miami

Published on March 9, 2016

Floridians are NOT fond of Marco Rubio, which is why they’re planning this protest at the Presidential Debate that is set to take place in Miami. Here are the details of the event. If you live in South Florida or know anyone who does, make sure to tell them about this!

Anti-Rubio Protest at March 10 Presidential Debate in Coral Gables

Marco Rubio has betrayed Floridians big-time.

You now have the opportunity to tell the world about his betrayals.

Don’t Miss this Event!!

You are invited to join other activists to wave signs at the entrance of the March 10 Presidential Debate in Coral Gables at the entrance to University of Miami.

Bank United Center at University of Miami
1245 Dauer Dr, Coral Gables, FL 33146

March 10, 2016
12 noon – 9 PM

Come on by for a few hours as your time permits.

FLIMEN is hopeful that the protest will be covered live
by The Joyce Kaufman Show, 850 WFTL,

Bring: Anti-Rubio signs or immigration related signs (No other issues!)

FLIMEN has opposed Marco Rubio since 2008 when as Florida Speaker of the House he blocked six immigration bills, including E-Verify. Despite blocking E-Verify as Speaker Marco Rubio continuously boasts that he supports E-Verify during several of the debates. It gets worse. In 2009 Marco Rubio promised Floridians that he would never support Amnesty, only to become leader of the awful Gang of Eight Amnesty bill.

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