Glenn Beck Quotes MORMON Prophecy To Rally Utah Troops For CRUZ

Published on March 20, 2016

Is Glenn Beck’s fixation on Ted Cruz becoming President becoming strange to you? Well, it just got stranger. What do you think about Beck’s latest move to stump for Ted? Is it just flat out weird?

Radio host Glenn Beck spoke at a rally in Utah today for presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Utah’s Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT), who is running for re-election. Beck, a Mormon convert, made an overtly religious pitch to the largely Mormon audience at the rally.

“I want to speak to you about something that may be controversial. And it’s not something that I have said when I have been out for Ted [Cruz] and now Mike [Lee]. But it’s something that this crowd needs to hear – that Utah needs to hear. The body of the priesthood is known to stand up when the Constitution hangs by a thread,” Beck said.

The famous Mormon prophecy Beck was referring to is known as the “White Horse Prophesy,” which was purportedly made by the Mormon founder Joseph Smith in 1843.

In the prophecy, Smith allegedly told the Mormon faithful that at some point in the future: “You will go to the Rocky Mountains and you will be a great and mighty people established there, which I will call the White Horse of peace and safety.” Smith then allegedly claimed that at that future date, “You will see the Constitution of the United States almost destroyed. It will hang like a thread as fine as a silk fiber.”

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Live from Utah!! Supporting United States Senator Mike Lee and Ted Cruz

Posted by Glenn Beck on Saturday, March 19, 2016

But he didn’t stop there. Glenn Beck also brought a child who was fasting onto the stage…and continued to get weird:

Glenn Beck: Dale is from Provo. I met him just a few minutes ago. I want to tell you why I have hope. Dale introduced himself to me. And he didn’t tell me this, his father did. Dale has been fasting without anybody knowing it every Tuesday for the last three weeks for the right outcome in this election. This is the priesthood rising!

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