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Guess What JOB the Brussels Terrorist Had PRIOR to Waging Jihad?

Apparently the term “human rights activist” now also covers “terrorist bomber.” At least after today when immigrant “activist”, Faycal Cheffou, was arrested in connection with the March 22nd Brussels terrorist attack. According to Bretbart, Cheffou, who was also called himself a “freelance journalist, was identified as the man in the hat by the taxi driver that drove him and the two suicide bombers to the airport.

While Cheffou portrayed himself on his YouTube channel as a “human rights activist”, fighting for immigrant’s “fundamental freedoms” like demanding more free government food after the Ramadan fast, others had him pegged as dangerous. According to the local Belgium paper, Le Soir, Brussels Mayor, Yves Mayeur accused Cheffou as a terrorist recruiter, using his access to immigrants to build a jihadist network.

Just how many more stories like this am I going to have to write? More specifically, how many more hints can Europe and the world take? I mean the mayor of the city Cheffou was snaking around in tried to get him thrown out. Fundamental Islam is so obviously at war with the rest of the world, but elected leaders who know who’s dangerous seem powerless.

In this case, we have a self-described human rights advocate who clearly saw no contradiction between advocating for “respecting human rights” and helping two buddies murder 35 people in the name of Allah and his chosen followers cult. Far be it from me to draw the conclusion that, for them, if you’re not a” true Muslim”, you’re not human, so human rights don’t extend to you. By all means, let’s make sure we keep everyone’s sovereign borders wide open to prop up some soulless progressive political correctness.

Look, I’m not an advocate of Trump’s Shut Out All Muslims policy for a whole litany of reasons. One of which is that I know Muslims who are appalled at what’s going on. Look, it’s no fun reminding these Islam-lites that their watered-down understanding of Mohammed is.. oh only slightly less consistent with the Quran compared to the terrorists.

Unfortunately for them and the rest of the world, I also know that divide is the heart of the very issue everyone is pretending doesn’t exist. Islam is going through a global identity crisis and the current winners in the debate are the ones blowing up buildings and destroying lives. Instead of dealing with Islam as it currently is, our elected leaders and social trendsetters are just hoping you’ll believe your eyes are deceiving you.

Don’t worry about Brussel, look here’s a video of your protector dancing the tango.

I have a friend who pulled the old chestnut that, statistically over the last 15 years, you have a better chance of winning the Powerball than getting killed by a terrorist in Europe. It’s just incredible how comfortable a feeling denial can be. 15 years ago would be a pre-9/11 world and therefore pretty different than today. It’s equally true that the world was pretty different 3 years ago or last year compared to today.

So how is the world a decade plus ago statistically equal to what’s happening today? Stats simply don’t convey those differences. The overwhelming European cultural invasion since the Islamic immigration waves, the seemingly powerless and uninterested government leadership which – at best – react far too late, all point to a religion suffering a global identity fight and attempting to pull the rest of the world down into its pit.

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