HOLY, MOSES: Thousands of Voters From THIS State Just Abandoned the Dem Party Ahead of Super Tuesday

It looks like Trump is having a HUGE effect on voters and even party affiliations. Thousands of voters in this state just discarded their party affiliation with the Democrat party and are now independent or Republican.

Massachusetts election officials report that nearly 20,000 voters have discarded their previous Democrat party affiliation to declare themselves either independent voters or Republicans.

So far this year more than 16,300 voters have switched from Democrat to independent, and nearly 3,500 have shed their Democratic party label to proclaim themselves a member of the GOP, Secretary of State William Galvin said, according to the Boston Herald.

The reason for the switch, according to Gavin’s best “guess,” is quite simply “The Trump phenomenon,” a national hysteria that is redefining politics.

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The Herald reported:

Galvin said the state could see as many as 700,000 voting in tomorrow’s Republican primary, a significant number given just 468,000 people are actually registered Republicans. In Massachusetts, un-enrolled — otherwise known as independent — voters can cast a ballot in the primary of any party.

If the Democratic vote is close to that of 2008 — when 1.2 million hit the polls — the state could surpass the 1.8 million that voted that year overall, setting what Galvin said he believes would be a record for a presidential primary in Massachusetts.

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